CoreData + Codable “Cannot find type in scope”

Follow initial steps from this post: Check targets of generated classes. For MacOS that target was not automatically added leading to the above error. This gist: includes what you need for the rest!    

AppIntents notes

if Shortcuts are not refreshing even with changes in AppShortcuts, look at build log and search for “intent” to see if there are any problems with the app intents metadata being extracted Sometimes Siri will work without this, but add a phrase in your AppShortcuts that uses \(.applicationName)┬áthis will prompt iOS to send a notification […]

delete Mac catalyst app data

find all the app data locations: delete defaults data for Mac catalyst apps:

search within stashes

git stash list -G some_string   git stash list -p | grep ‘diff –git’ | grep ProgressiveRolloutUtils.swift   git stash list | while IFS=: read STASH ETC; do echo “$STASH: $ETC”; git diff –stat $STASH~..$STASH –; done | grep -e ‘stash\|ProgressiveRolloutUtilsTests’  

git server on droplet

Make sure you have ssh key access to your remote server. Make sure git is installed: git version Follow the steps here: except at end, just do: git clone usera5@destination:home/userna5/production.git

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