Normally I don’t write about this kind of stuff on here. But one angry tweet isn’t going to do it.

Today, Apple launched “Apps for Girls” as a prominent section of their App store. Annoying and insulting enough, seeing as lots of apps are productivity apps– a genre equally attractive to both genders. However, you may say, well women aren’t as interested in games, which comprise the other other half of apps. Yet on the internet, which I would say is the closest model to Apple’s, women are an estimated TWO-THIRDS of the casual game market. So do we even need to be targeted like this in the first place?

Well, whatever. It was done, so let’s see what Apple thinks we’ll find so appealing. The full list below:
Hello Kitty Parachute
RoiWorld: Fashion Fix
Math Flash Cards
Kitty Chorus
Dress your princess
Disney Channel Cover Styler
Fairy Trails

I mean really, what’s the point? Why am I sitting here, slaving over my computer all day, trying to learn stuff like design patterns and best coding practices, when even APPLE, the arbiter of good technology, impeccable taste and marketing strategy in our culture, takes one look at me and thinks:

“Wow I bet she’d rather be wearing a pink ball gown and sprinkling fairy dust on unicorns right now. ”

My life is not a Lisa Frank folder people! And we should not be encouraging little girls to think that’s all they should want and all they should be. Apple, they get enough of that elsewhere. I expected more from you.

Et tu, Apple?

Check out the epic fail at the App Store.