Developed this small script to make note-taking easier. I am often reading ebooks and wanting to take notes, but find writing them out tedious and copy and pasting them into a TextEdit tedious as well… so I decided to automate the copy and pasting.

This snippet lets you copy the contents of the clipboard into the topmost TextEdit file in the background, just quickly prompting you to see if you would like to edit your note a bit before pasting. It then returns you to your document immediately without you having to switch applications.

Just copy the script into your Library/Scripts/ folder, to begin using immediately via the Script Menu, or  use with Quicksilver for maximum ease of use. That way, you can set up a keyboard shortcut. For instance, now to take notes, I just Command+C to copy the note, then Alt+X to call the NoteTaker script. It’s already second nature ☺️

Download: Note_Taker_With_Prompt